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The Kitchen Bedroom – Westlife 3/2015 from Gloria Hardington

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The Kitchen Bedroom –

A miniature kitchen, built into the master bedroom suite to provide the convenience of midnight snacking or intimate meals in the privacy of the bedroom is sometimes called a breakfast, coffee or morning bar and its features can range from a simple alcove with mini-fridge and microwave to an elaborate room design with fully equipped small-scale kitchen. Some even feature a built-in wine storage area or single-range stovetop Murphy kitchen, where clever cabinetry allows the consumer to hide the whole unit away after use. Bedroom kitchens promote a sense of luxury, convenience and intimacy and can be ideal for families with small children or family members with differing schedules. In a home with ample square footage,a secondary kitchen can be located within the master suite or elsewhere in the house that is convenient to smaller-scale culinary needs. Price tags vary according to location, construction, cabinetry and amenities, making a kitchen suite upgrade commensurate with the needs and desires of the homeowner. From a midnight snack to a midnight feeding, this addition to your home ensures you won’t have to travel far for a warm bottle, hot coffee, a cold drink or to raid the leftovers. To add value to your home and incorporate a unique selling point, consider converting extra space into a secondary kitchen. Bring convenience and comfort into any room, letting guests and family sleep undisturbed while you treat yourself to a midnight meal!

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