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Relocating to Cleveland

The Best Move You'll Ever Make

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Relocating to a different city is seldom an easy task. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one packing up or if you’re bringing a spouse, three children and two dogs along for the adventure. Relocating involves lots of planning, research and sleepless nights. Who’s going to sell your house? Better yet, who’s going to help you find your next home? Do you want to live in an urban part of the city with easy access to nightlife, dining and entertainment, or would you prefer a quaint neighborhood tucked in the suburbs? Are your children attending private or public schools; if it’s the latter, you’ll likely want a community where the education system is top-notch, which there are many of throughout Cleveland. Condo or single family home? Backyard pool or views of Lake Erie? Whatever questions you have, The SALEmaker Team is here to help.

It’s nice to know that you have an entire team of experts on all things Cleveland and real estate related here to make your move easier. Our team is rooted in family and tradition, and we can help you prioritize what is needed most for you to feel at home here. Every relocation situation is unique, and that is part of what makes our job so enjoyable. We can help make recommendations on everything from restaurants and the best places to shop to after-school activities for your little ones and social groups to look into.

We’re here to reassure you that Cleveland is the BEST city for you to move to. Not only do we have some of the highest ranking suburbs in the country, but it’s a great city for singles, recent grads and of course, families. For starters, your commute to work is a breeze. In Cleveland, it takes about 22 minutes to get to downtown; NYC averages 43 minutes and our friends in Chicago spend almost 41 minutes in the car. It takes the Steelers well over 30 minutes each way to get to Pittsburgh (at least we can beat them at something).

You’ll be spending less time in the car, as well as less on the cost of living. Rent prices in Cleveland are 44% less than Pittsburgh; 103% less than Chicago and 289% less than NYC. Why pay more to live downtown anywhere else? Cleveland has undergone what its residents refer to as a renaissance. Luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, a Championship basketball team and restored buildings are all here waiting for you, new as of 2016!

We’ve also helped quite a lot of individuals and families who live out of state settle their family home that presides here in Northeast Ohio Cleveland area. We’re happy to provide individual references.

Howard Hanna provides a network of independent real estate firms and brokers if your moving out of our beautiful state of Ohio. Many think of Howard Hanna as a local real estate firm, but with our network we actually help people relocate globally.

If a move to or from Cleveland is in your future, contact The SALEmaker Team today!

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