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Home Security Systems: Investing in Peace of Mind

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Home security systems provide the owner with a peace of mind that’s irreplaceable. When choosing the right home security system for your home, consider the reliability and ease of use, as well as the overall cost of the system. The two main security system varieties are monitored and unmonitored. Monitored systems are favored highly because they provide constant vigilance in detecting intrusion by triggering upon the opening of doors or windows before altering the authorities. Unmonitored systems, when triggered alert those in the immediate vicinity of an intrusion, by flashing lights and sounding loud sirens. Typically, both monitored and unmonitored security systems will consist of several components that work in conjunction to ensure your absolute protection. First, the control panel centers all the connections and transmitters of the system in an easy to access station mounted on a wall. The service provider or company is considered the central monitoring station, and operates as the message center for all attacks, break-ins, and problems. Touch-pads allow visitors to arm and disarm their systems while key-fobs allow more rapid security clearance to continually traversed doorways and high traffic areas. Sensors communicate information from both doors and windows, while motion detectors, video cameras and panic buttons provide added security for manual surveillance or alarm. Consider all your options before deciding which type of system and level of security suits your home and lifestyle best. A reliable, high quality security system is worth every penny of its cost when it protects your home, property, and loved ones.

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Was published in Westlife on April, 2015

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